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Why Targeted Direct Mail?

The Targeted Direct Mail Postcard or Letter is used to help your clients grab the attention of their customers on a personal level. Postcard advertising can help their customers connect with potential customers, earn their business, and develop an ongoing relationship that lasts long after they convert.

Direct mail is still the best way to ensure that your clients hit their target audience both geographically and demographically because the print piece is delivered to their mailbox, so it’s guaranteed to get into their hands.  Targeted postcards offer a strong return on investment with an average 3 to 1 return on marketing spend and a response rate as high as 8-10% based on if they target new or existing customers.

Successful businesses regularly use direct mail to drive consumers to their website and increase digital conversions. In fact, 79% of consumers act on direct mail postcards immediately.

UpSwell’s direct mail postcard program uses a combination of customer data, consumer data and market data to help your clients select zip codes & carrier routes to target their ideal customers for their mailing campaign. We will also work with you & your clients to understand the needs to buy prospect lists that allow them to customize their target audience to specific customer attributes (drives a BMW, lives in a 20 year old house, specific credit scores..etc..).

Lastly, we help your clients nurture and grow their existing customers by data mining consumer spending habits to market specific offers to your best customers.

Client will select one of the below programs based on the best way to reach their ideal customer and if they are trying to create new customers or nurture existing customers:

  • Saturation Mailings
    • Focuses on new customer acquisition – the mailing is at a carrier route or neighborhood level (sub-ZIP code)
    • Allows your clients to target specific people based on age, income, home value, net worth and distance around their customer’s business using lower rate postage costs.
    • Low cost way for your client to help their customers target key potential customers around their business
  • List Mailings
    • Focuses on new customer acquisition and utilizes advanced targeting to further refine your target audience allows you to target people who have specific customer attributes that make up your clients “ideal” customer – e.g. people who drive a specific car, people with a specific medical ailment or people who have certain buying propensities.
    • Laser focused mailing to your client’s ideal potential customer
    • Deliver higher incentives to existing prospects that have not yet converted
  • Database Mailings
    • Focuses on nurturing existing customers in your client’s database/CRM to drive them back to your business
    • Allows your client to target your best customers with special offers and incentives
    • Ability to “cherry pick” specific customers based on spending history or any other data point your POS system captures
    • High ROI program targeting existing customers for your client with past purchase history

Why choose the full service postcard / letter marketing program?

Our sales assist program offers a full service account management team to guide your clients through the order process which includes access to our professional design team that offers a truly personalized service at no extra costs.

Our team will help your clients determine the best mailing areas, customer database list or purchased list to use to meet the desired marketing goals.   Our design team will create custom postcards or letters that help your clients showcase their business and services to maximize their ROI and eliminate the guesswork.

Pricing is typically lower for postcard and letter mailings in this program because the overall mailing volume is higher.  We are also able to access our data analytics team to help create a better “ideal customer profile”  as well as help your clients track & measure the campaign results.

– Help your clients identify Top Potential Customers in their market and send a Custom Postcard or Letter to drive sales activity
– Show your clients how to focus on growing new customers by targeting specific zip codes, carrier route or homes where your ideal customer lives
– Assist your clients in Nurturing existing customers or prospects in their database to drive them into your business.
– Walk through how your client can combine a targeted postcard or letter campaign with their digital campaign to reach people where they live, work or play – a true omni-channel approach.


What happens after a sale?

UpSwell Account Management Team will send a welcome email to give you details on how to reach our team to help you lay out your postcard or letter program. We will look to set up a meeting to review mailing needs, customer criteria, potential messaging, date you need to have the print piece in the mailbox and how we can track & measure the order’s campaign results.

What is the size of the postcard and letter we can mail out?

• Postcard- 6 x 11, 100# paper, full color both sides, full bleed, glossy finish
• Letter – 8.5 x 11, one sided color print, window envelope
• Letter – 8.5 x 11, two sided color print, window envelope

What is the difference between saturation mail, purchased list mailing and database mailings?
Saturation Mailing is used for clients that want to target new customers. We focus on ZIP code and carrier routes (sub-ZIP code) mailing where we target standard variables of income, home value, age, net worth and distance from your business.
Purchased List Mailing is used for clients that want to target new customers but require an enhanced targeted list than saturation mailing. Purchased lists are very targeted and take a combination of ideal customer variables to create a more targeted mailing (for example – people who drive a specific car, have a specific credit score or have a medical ailment).
Database Mailings are used to nurture & grow existing customers in your database. This is also a marketing tactic designed to help accelerate stale prospects down the sales funnel and closer to a close.
What is the difference between a carrier route and ZIP code when mailing? Why is this important?

A ZIP code is a large geographic area that encompasses multiple carrier routes within a specific area of the city. A carrier route is a small piece of a ZIP code. With direct mail postcards and letters, you have the ability to select smaller carrier routes that contain your ideal customer. This enhanced targeting allows you to avoid mailing areas that do not meet your customer criteria, avoiding waste and saving you money.

Why should I mail my existing customers?

Existing customers have a relationship with your business and are more likely to spend money on your products & services (High ROI). Also, you want to make sure you hold onto your best customers and avoid losing them to competitors

I thought print was dead and no one used postcards anymore?

While digital marketing continues to increase, so does the use of direct mail to drive digital engagement. Average response rates for direct mail postcards for customer database lists are as high we 10% and saturation & prospect lists are a healthy 3-5% response, generally much higher than standalone digital campaigns. Sophisticated marketers blend the benefits of direct mail with their digital campaigns to offer their clients a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

Are postcards used as a lead generator or brand awareness?

Both, direct mail postcards and letters can reach new or existing customers with a personal touch and offer a special incentive to use your client’s product or service. The good news about postcards and letters is that direct mail number one off-line marketing tactic to drive on-line traffic, because consumers typically go right to your website after getting your piece in the mail.

How do you track and measure the success of the postcard / letter campaign?

UpSwell will use its proprietary database matching technology to match your customer database information during the campaign mailing period with the consumers that received your postcard. We will determine how many customers came into your client’s business, how much money was spent, identify the customer as a new or existing customer and determine the overall ROI of the print campaign.

What are the deadlines or turn-around times to place orders for postcards or letters?

UpSwell processes letter orders and postcard orders on a daily basis, so we can have your order placed within 24 hours of your order approval. We have options to get your print campaign mailed out within 3-4 days if we use First class postage or 8-10 business days with standard postage.

What countries are supported?

Currently this program is available in the United States as outlined above. We are able to process mailings in Canada, but this is on a custom quote basis, so please reach out to the account management team with any questions.

What languages are supported?

We are currently able to support English and Spanish with our print programs.

What is the suggested retail price?

These products can be marked up with 15-25% margin (not mark-up) from the wholesale price, but many will offer discounts to clients who commit to multiple print orders

Who can I contact for support?

Please reach out to the UpSwell Account Management team at (800) 207-0903 or postcards@upswellmarketing.com

How many postcards are included in the program?

This program includes 4,000 postcards. If you need more, you can purchase additional postcards as an add-on.

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