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Affordable videos with professional spokespeople


$4.95 Monthly


You need a high-quality video for your business … now. You need a custom video. You need your video quickly. You need your video to be affordable. And you need an on-camera spokesperson to tell your company’s story.

We solve your needs! We built a simple cloud-based platform for quickly and easily creating your affordable spokesperson video and getting that video delivered fast. Build your video in just minutes … with no experience.

  • VIDEOBOLT.COM is quick, easy, and affordable video content creation
  • Every video includes a professional spokesperson that you choose
  • You will receive your completed video in only 3-5 business days
  • No creative/production experience required … just point-and-click
  • You select all of the customizable elements in your video
  • For a limited time, professional script writing is included!


What happens after activation?

– There is no charge to activate VIDEOBOLT.COM. Activation gives you access to our cloud-based Video Builder, where you can start building your video by pointing-and-clicking to make your selections (such as for the studio, spokesperson, wardrobe, graphics, colors, etc.). You do not need to pay anything until you are ready to send your video to production, at which time you will activate a “Production Credit.” One Production credit is required to each one-minute video.

How quickly do I get my video?

The standard turnaround time for your completed video is 3-5 business days. If you use our script review option, the delivery time may be delayed while we wait for your approval of the script. You may receive your video faster if you choose the “Next Available” spokesperson option.

How is VIDEOBOLT.COM different than other video creation tools?
– The biggest differences between VIDEOBOLT.COM and other content creation tools are:
1. The professional on-camera spokesperson. It would typically cost at least $4,000 to produce a one-minute video with a professional on-camera spokesperson. With VIDEOBOLT.COM, the professional on-camera spokesperson is included in every video, with prices starting as low as $99, not thousands of dollars. We currently have more than two dozen spokespeople from which to choose. All of our spokespeople are experienced television news anchors, reporters, or actors who will effectively tell your business’ story on camera. You even get to choose what they wear on camera. Business videos with a professional on-camera spokesperson delivering a message are far more effective than videos with only voiceovers or music.2. The price. Your video costs hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.

3. The delivery time. We deliver your video in as little as one hour, with standard delivery in 3-5 business days. With most traditional production methods, you would wait weeks or months for a similar video.

4. The ease of use. You build your entire video in our cloud-based Video Builder. Simply point-and-click through all of your selections, such as the studio, spokesperson, wardrobe, colors, graphics, images, and voice over artist.


 How many templates do you offer?

– We offer more than 45 templates. Some of the templates have dozens of color choices, meaning that there are hundreds of possible options for the look and feel of your video. In addition, we can modify any template with your company’s custom colors for no added charge.

How much can I customize my video?

– You can customize every aspect of your video. As you work your way through our web-based dashboard, you will select every option of your video. You choose the studio, spokesperson, wardrobe, colors, graphics, images, and voiceover artist. With thousands of options, every video will have its own unique look and feel.

How many spokespeople are available for my video?

We have more than thirty spokespeople for you to choose for your video, including spokespeople with British, Australian, and South African accents. Many of our spokespeople are experienced television news anchors or reporters who will effectively tell your business’ story on camera.

How long is my video?

Your video can be up to one minute long. Studies show that customers prefer business videos that are less than one minute. If you need a longer video, there will be a small extra charge.

Who writes my video?

You can upload a script to your dashboard that is ready for production … or you can have one of our professional writers review and edit your script (or other provided content, such as a press release, blog post, or article) for no added charge (limited time offer).

What if I need help building my video?

We understand that not everyone will jump right into VIDEOBOLT.COM and build their video by themselves the first time around. If you are having trouble getting from start to finish, just click the chat button at the button right of the screen and one of our video experts will help you through your first video at no added charge.

How do you encode my video?

We deliver all videos as 1920×1080 MP4 files. Let us know if you need another format.

Will I own my video?

Yes. You have full ownership of the final video with the right to use your video wherever you want and however you want … forever. There are no restrictions on your use of your video.

Do you offer videos in other languages?

All of our on-camera spokespeople speak English. We even offer spokespeople with British and Australian accents. We have a limited number of native Spanish speakers available on request. However, the delivery of a Spanish-language video, as well as British and Australian accent videos, may take longer depending on the spokesperson’s availability. These options may incur an additional fee.

Can I host/stream my video?

YouTube provides free hosting/streaming and you can embed your YouTube video on your website. You can also upload videos directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you need more branding control over your video, you can use a paid video hosting platform like Wistia, which allows you to customize the video player and more precisely track analytics and engagement.

Will I receive a closed captioning file with my video?

You can request an SRT file with a time-coded transcription of your video for a small additional fee. You can upload the SRT file to Facebook and YouTube with your video. The SRT file is human-generated, as opposed to the computer-generated caption option on most video and social media platforms, which means it is more accurate. Closed captioning is important (and sometimes required) for helping the hearing-impaired understand your video. But it is equally important for your entire audience because many people prefer to watch videos with the sound turned off (because they are in the office or other environments where sound would be a distraction).

What is a Production Credit?

A Production Credit is your payment for producing the video. While you do not need to pay to access the VIDEOBOLT.COM dashboard so that you can start building your video, you need a Production Credit to send your video to production (meaning that we head into the studio to shoot your video with a professional spokesperson).

What is Script Review?

We are offering Script Review for a limited time at no added charge. Not everyone feels comfortable writing the script for their video. With Script Review, you just need to provide us with a foundation for a script, which could be a press release, blog post, article, etc.). One of our professional writers will then turn your content into a video script. You can then either accept the script or make further edits.

Can I build more than one video at a time?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of open video projects. In addition, you can duplicate projects, which makes it easy to create a recurring series of videos that retain the same look and feel.

What happens after I send a video to production?

After you send a video to production, VIDEOBOLT.COM’s team books the selected spokesperson for a studio session. After the spokesperson shoots the customer’s video, one of VIDEOBOLT.COM’s talented producers edits the video. You will receive the completed video product within 3-5 business days after sending it to production.

Do you provide “drafts” or “proofs”?

No, VIDEOBOLT.COM produces and delivers final videos. The videos are based on the selections that you make in our cloud-based Video Builder. We keep our prices low by limiting revisions. If you requests a re-shoot or re-edit, there is a small added charge.

Why do you use spokespeople in your videos?

People connect best with other people. Professional spokespeople are the most effective way to tell a company’s story in videos. However, if you do not want the spokesperson to appear on camera in your video, you can select the “Voiceover Only” option on the Style page.



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